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​Join Nick Craig, President of Core Leadership Institute and author of “Leading From Purpose: Clarity and The Confidence to Act When it Matters Most” as he interviews some of the greatest minds in the field of authentic leadership and purpose-driven leadership in the modern world.

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Bringing Purpose to The Corporate World with Maarten van Beek, Human Resources Director at ING Bank for Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg


On this episode of the Leading from Purpose Podcast, Nick Craig is joined by one of the biggest Purpose advocates we know, Maarten van Beek, Human Resources Director for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg at ING Bank.

Purpose has become really popular these days but how you bring it to all employees is something big organizations are just beginning to think about. At ING, they started back in 2017. Overseeing over 25,000 employees in his region, Maarten and his colleagues were already committed to the organization’s Purpose, but knew that in order to have a big impact – they needed to connect each employee’s purpose with that of ING. Today, thousands of employees, from leaders to call center representatives and branch employees, have completed the company’s Purpose to Impact Program.

Listen to hear more on how ING Bank focused on aligning individual goals with the company’s purpose to create something beautiful.

Recent Podcasts

CEO of mission-driven Ben & Jerry’s Matthew McCarthy


In June of this year, Ben & Jerry’s statement on racism in America, “Silence is not an option,” was trending. For decades the company has been at the forefront of social and climate issues. On this week’s Leading from Purpose Podcast episode, Nick Craig is joined by CEO of Ben & Jerry’s, Matthew McCarthy, to talk about the role that Purpose plays in taking a risk to do what is right. Matthew McCarthy shares deep insights on how being a Purpose-driven leader and/or organization has helped him choose the hard right versus the easy wrong when it really matters most.A bonus? Matthew McCarthy, a musician at heart, shares some insight on the curious boy who has always lived inside him and thrives on helping others seek the joy and justice in life.

World Leading Chocolate Manufacture’s Chief of Innovation & Sustainability, Pablo Perversi


On this episode of Leading from Purpose Podcast, we’re talking chocolate! Joining Nick Craig is Pablo Perversi, the Chief Innovation, Sustainability & Quality Officer as well as the Head of Gourmet, for Barry Callebaut to talk about being the world leading chocolate and cocoa manufacturer in the midst of world crises including climate change and COVID-19. Barry Callebaut is a $7.4 billion USD company that thrives on looking towards the future for opportunities that drive the energy of their employees. As the head of Innovation, Pablo leans in to the force of growth to a path of plain sailing.

Removing credibility from social barriers with Unilever’s Global Head of Reward, Constantina Tribou


On this episode of on the Leading From Purpose Podcast, Nick Craig is joined by Global Head of Reward at Unilever, Constintina Tribou, to talk about removing credibility from social barriers. Constantina uses her Purpose to make what can be a complex corporate world about people, both the customers Unilever serves, and the employees she oversees.

Leveraging Purpose to drive strategic alignment & engagement in a $14 billion business with Willem Pruys


On this episode of the Leading from Purpose Podcast, Nick Craig is joined by Willem Pruys, former #CHRO for Bunnings, the most successful retailer in Australia. Willem Pruys joins Nick to talk about his time with Bunnings and how the company leveraged #Purpose to drive transformational strategic alignment and engagement. Today, the company is a $14 billion industry giant focused on investing in their employees by helping them focus on the 5% that gets them the other 95% of results. How does a company use #Purpose to align business plans with individual aspirations and still achieve dramatic growth and profitability? Listen to find out!