​With a focus on Leading From Purpose, we host public, corporate and alumni events, as well as deliver keynote addresses across the globe.

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Purpose to Impact™ Programs

In a chaotic and uncertain world, leveraging purpose helps individuals find the clarity, focus and confidence to lead and empower others. Our two-day program enables participants to unlock their leadership purpose and bring their full and most powerful self to every situation. Experience this transformational approach for yourself and with your team. Learn more below.

“The structure of the program was a gift—it left you wanting to come back for more on day two.”

– Will Scarbrough, VP Impact Analytics, City Year

Upcoming Programs

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    We represent a number of highly engaging and compelling speakers with keynotes prepared on the topics of purpose and authenticity. Nick Craig, President of the Core Leadership Institute and author of Leading From Purpose, is our featured speaker and has presented keynotes at events including the 2019 BankingOnPurpose Conference, IESE’s 2019 Coaching on Purpose Conference, and the DNA of Leadership sponsored by The Conference Board.

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