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Over the last 10 years, we have personally transformed more than 20,000 leaders in organizations around the world, helping them to uncover their purpose and lead more authentically while dramatically improving their professional and personal impact.

That kind of breadth, depth and expertise puts us among the rare few in our field who truly know what works in the practice of authenticity and purpose.

JUST IN: We are thrilled to announce that an article our President, Nick Craig, co-authored with Scott Snook, of the Harvard Business School, has been included in a special issue of the Harvard Business Review on Purpose.

The Discover Your True North Fieldbook is used at Harvard Business School


Authentic Organizations

Thriving in the 21st Century

Purpose to Impact


  • “Purpose. It’s the collective mission that contains the pixie dust only your organization can sprinkle on the world. Waking up and knowing that is powerful.”

  • “Discovering your purpose doesn’t end on the last day [of the program]. People continue to live it, practice it and expand on it. It’s the unique gift that continues to give back.”

Upcoming Events

Our corporate programs are offered to the public in the US and Europe several times per year.

Join us:

  • Virtual Alumni Check In: Alumni Purpose to Impact™ Hour
  • March 26-27, 2024 in Amsterdam, Netherlands: The Purpose to Impact™ Program
  • Charlotte, NC: Purpose Summit 2024 by Purpose Point


Leading From Purpose

Face it: If you don’t know your purpose, you can’t fully live it. If you aren’t living it, you can’t lead from it. Leading From Purpose will help you do both.

Founder of the Core Leadership Institute, Nick Craig, offers a new and highly-actionable approach to the concept of purpose. He delivers a game-changing methodology, demonstrating its power to make the impossible possible, driving growth and turnarounds. Rather than linking purpose to a desire to support an external cause or serve the greater good, as is often the case, Nick defines purpose as the solid, internal ground that each of us can stand on while the world is spinning out of control.