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​Join Nick Craig, President of Core Leadership Institute and author of “Leading From Purpose: Clarity and The Confidence to Act When it Matters Most” as he interviews some of the greatest minds in the field of authentic leadership and purpose-driven leadership in the modern world.

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Can Purpose drive revenue?


In 2020, the most popular retailer in Australia, Bunnings, announced operating revenue increased by 13.9%, to over $14 billion. How does the company continue to see growth and remain on top? By doubling down on its commitment to being a purpose-driven organization.

On this episode, Michael Schneider, the CEO, stops by to talk about leaning in on Purpose to lead an organization through economic unknowns. Michael shared, “Our team was scared, but by creating that reassurance that we understood our Purpose and we understood what we were going after – we actually got even more out of it.”

Last year, Bunnings created jobs and opportunities to the tune of 10,000. Shifting gears from a ‘wanting more’ to a ‘doing more’ mindset helped him step into his full potential as a leader and pay it forward to his team and the customers they serve.

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Removing credibility from social barriers with Unilever’s Global Head of Reward, Constantina Tribou


On this episode of on the Leading From Purpose Podcast, Nick Craig is joined by Global Head of Reward at Unilever, Constintina Tribou, to talk about removing credibility from social barriers. Constantina uses her Purpose to make what can be a complex corporate world about people, both the customers Unilever serves, and the employees she oversees.

Leveraging Purpose to drive strategic alignment & engagement in a $14 billion business with Willem Pruys


On this episode of the Leading from Purpose Podcast, Nick Craig is joined by Willem Pruys, former #CHRO for Bunnings, the most successful retailer in Australia. Willem Pruys joins Nick to talk about his time with Bunnings and how the company leveraged #Purpose to drive transformational strategic alignment and engagement. Today, the company is a $14 billion industry giant focused on investing in their employees by helping them focus on the 5% that gets them the other 95% of results. How does a company use #Purpose to align business plans with individual aspirations and still achieve dramatic growth and profitability? Listen to find out!

From Boeing to a luxury Italian Hotel Featuring Andrea Pomo


From constructing the Boeing 787 to operations at a luxury Italian Hotel, Andrea Pomo, joins Nick Craig on the Leading from Purpose Podcast this week to talk about transforming vs. adapting through challenging times. The hospitality industry has been severely impacted by COVID-19. Yet, via the lens of purpose, Borgo Egnazia didn’t lay one person off and has used this time to do what few have imagined.

Interview with, former CEO of Ben & Jerry’s, Jostein Solheim


On the Leading from Purpose Podcast this week, Nick Craig is joined by former CEO of Ben & Jerry’s, Jostein Solheim, who is now at the heart of the COVID-19 crisis. How does he run Unilever’s $4 billion U.S. food business to keep up with demand from U.S. grocery stores while also keeping his 8,000 employees safe?Jostein Solheim finds himself leaning on his Purpose to make the shiftfrom “doing” to “being” to get his team through. Jostein, the eternal optimist, reminds us that “we’ll come out of this stronger and better as a humanity, as business leaders, and as a business.”