​Is it possible for one program experience to provide leaders with the essential elements needed for success—purpose, authenticity and collaboration—in a world of constant disruption?

Surprisingly, yes.

Program Overview

The Institute works closely with its corporate partners to craft and deliver transformational leadership development programs. With a focus on authenticity and purpose-driven leadership, we offer a range of program approaches to help senior leaders define their purpose, lead authentically and create impact that matters.

Program Impact

Alumni have reported consistent and lasting results. Leaders who:

  • See themselves in a new and empowering way—through the lens of their purpose.
  • Have the clarity, focus and confidence to take the risks necessary to build their teams and their organizations.
  • Know how to create the psychological safety necessary for people to express their diverse voices.
  • Embody the fortitude to deal with the next disruption.
  • “Going through the program as an organization was life changing. We had a clear purpose for our company and developed a deeper team bond, improving communication and drawing out the best in each other.”

  • “The program launched us on a compelling movement of change, linking individual purpose to the team and the organization.”

  • “Participating in this program helps businesses win by making people win in businesses.”

In-House Purpose Programs

Our high-touch interventions build the trust and transparency necessary for groups of executives and senior managers to work together to address business challenges.

Client engagements, typically between 1 – 4 days, address:

  • Top teams and intact teams
  • Cross-functional teams

In addition to the face-to-face learning journey, programs can include:

  • Management team assessment
  • Post-program support
  • Individual coaching

Cascade Model

Larger organizations can implement purpose-driven leadership across multiple management levels, reaching thousands of learners. We do this with the help of both Institute presenters and Institute-trained internal client subgroup facilitators.

  • Embed the purpose-driven mindset throughout the organization
  • Align organizational leadership, scaling to many employees
  • Deepen and strengthen alumni’s ability to support others
  • Reach your broader population cost-effectively

Open Enrollment Programs

Our two-day, open enrollment programs provide a unique learning opportunity for individuals and teams alike. Participants will discover how to unlock their purpose and create an actionable Purpose to Impact™ plan. Experience this transformational approach. Enroll today to evaluate how the program can strengthen your leaders, delivering greater impact across the organization.