December 7, 10, 14, and 17, 2020

About the Purpose to Impact™ Program

Despite the hopes of many to return to “normal”, it has become plainly obvious that the turbulent time we are living in will remain so for the foreseeable future. Finding solid ground to stand on in times of great uncertainty is our opportunity and it’s time to dramatically deepen your access to your Purpose.

Almost 500 years ago, Michelangelo stood in front of 20 tons of what was lovingly called “crap” marble. No one had dared to touch this piece of marble for 30 years. Yet, one person saw what others couldn’t and created a masterpiece. Yes, Purpose will do that if you allow it.

Today the “crap” marble that we sit in is our COVID world. What if your Purpose has the power to turn this “crap” marble you are staring at into the David?

No other time in our lifetime will provide you with a chance to have the impact you can have now!

Join us to discover your masterpiece that sits inside you which at the moment may be impossible to see.

What is the alumni experience all about?

In June and July, we piloted “Leading from Purpose in Turbulent Times” with two groups of global CLI Alumni (30 Alumni in total). The program offered participants the chance to:

  • Create a deep connection with a cohort of 4 leaders from across the globe
  • Discover how each of us can access our Michelangelo
  • Uncover the “David” that has been waiting for us to release from the stone
  • Step into Thriving versus Surviving mindset in these times of uncertainty

Why you? Why now?

Time is of the essence and leaders that play big right now will be the writers of the “new” narrative that will shape our world for generations to come. Are you content to simply follow or do you want to lead?

To be clear, the Alumni workshop is not for the faint of heart. It requires deep reflection, the courage to challenge yourself and many long-held beliefs, a willingness to put your biggest challenge or most audacious ambition on the table, and a hunger to meet these uncertain times with a refreshed access to your Purpose.

I hope you will consider giving this gift to yourself. Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback of the participants of the Alumni Workshops we conducted over the last several months, this Alumni experience will be time very well spent and time that we rarely give ourselves. It will provide you with a new and clear direction that will inspire you and those you touch.

Leading from Purpose has never been more important than it is at this moment.


Virtual Conference hosted by CLI

This will be a virtual program using online conferencing tool, Zoom. Dial-in details will be shared once you have registered.